Do you have the process and the low-friction system to track your spec work through to the commission check? Repfabric does this. Do you assign jobs to specific salespeople that drive them through to purchase orders and commission checks? Repfabric does this.  Do you have an “Easy” button, that shows the jobs deal funnel that you can share with your manufacturers to show their component pieces in their CRM system or monthly report? Repfabric does this. What about an “Easy” button to share jobs with your own team to create a competitive esprit de corps of deal winners? Repfabric does this. What do you think it costs you if you don’t?

Spec in something unique with lots of customer engineering hours behind it and that business is yours. You really don’t care which contractor builds it, or which distributor supplies it. You are locked in.
How do you know when there’s a buying signal from an engineer? It’s simple really. Track jobs. Learn more by reading Repfabric's article,

“Stock and Flow” versus “Job Tracking” - How does my agency do both well?




In the contact sport of the rep business, we must be adaptive creatures.  A major trend we are seeing across the agencies we support with Repfabric is a renewed focus on the specifiers of the products they rep.  Commodity product wins are fought at the spec, contractor, and wholesale distributor level.  There are many places business can be lost along that chain. Working at the spec level gives you a serious advantage.

Check out this video that explains the Repfabric concept of tracking Job information:




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