T.I.P.S. 4 Reps


We have specialized with hundreds of reps to Design an overall plan that integrates the 4 “Lines” of Discipline (Tax, Investment, Protection and Succession Planning) so we can Develop strategies that cam minimize taxes and optimize the design.  We then Delegate the plan to our best of breed Third Party Strategic Advisors comprising of Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, Valuation Analysts.  We manage the entire Planning in 3-D™ so you don’t have to go direct


10 Laws-  We have a proprietary process for each Line of Discipline we call our 10 Laws.  These 10 laws have been developed over the 25 years of working with reps and we believe the adherence to these 10 Laws greatly enhance your probability of success.


If you would like you can take an assessment on each of the Tax, Investment, Protection and Succession lines and receive a REPort Card score to see how well you are doing in each case.


Also see our recorded webinars we have presented to AIM/R members